To say that I am part of the Hardware Designs Family, and have been for many years, is an understatement. It has been so long, and I am there so often that some of you probably think I work there. I have come to know and rely on all of you in many ways, but because of the circumstances of our relationship, much more so with Chuck Bianchi. The lives of some of us in this quirky business of ours inevitably bind together over the years like the threads of a finely woven cloth, and that is what happened over time for me with Chuck. I started and ended every single day talking to him, and we spoke throughout that day, as well. To say our relationship was “only business” could not be farther from the truth. We did not sit across a dinner table at the end of the day, we did not travel the world together, nor did we go to the movies together. We did much, much more. We shared secrets, hopes, disappointments, joy, and stories, all throughout the day, each and every day. We supported one another and trusted and respected one another. We protected each other, helped each other, and of course, made each other laugh until we couldn’t breathe. Each of us knew that the other would stop whatever we were doing and put the other one first, if it became necessary, which was often. If that is not a friend, then nothing is. I am at peace with the knowledge that Chuck knew how much I cared about him and valued him, in every way that is possible, because I told him often. To say I never knew a gentler soul is putting it mildly. He brought nothing but joy to the lives of everyone who had the good fortune to have known him. For me, personally, he was a lifeline without which I do not know how I will get along. That finely woven cloth that represents the portion of my life that was woven to his is now torn, and will remain so forever. His are shoes that simply can never be filled, and the loss leaves a hole in my heart and in my life that words cannot express. I cry for him, for his many devoted friends and treasured family, and for everyone else who feels the pain over his passing. Goodbye, my dear, dear friend. I love you, I miss you, and you will be in my mind and my heart, always.



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