It’s here!  The INAX toilet!  Not only are they quite with their silent stream flushing system, but soft lighting is available along with automatic flushing!  The fully automatic toilet seat system knows when you arrive and when you leave, so it opens and closes without any effort on your part! With a front and rear warm water washing system along with temperature and pressure controls, the INAX toilet is a perfect blend of toilet and bidet.  The seat itself is a soft/slow close  so there is no “bang” when lowering the seat at two in the morning!  What’s more, the seat is heated!!  A built in air deodorizer is more that convenient so put away the air fresheners.  There is even a dryer function!  The INAX system is just one more reason to visit Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ.  Along with toilets from Toto, Duravit, St. Thomas, and Porcher, INAX with take its place with all of our above average product line at excellent price point..

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