That’s what I’ve been telling my three young boys who seem to think opening every door is a test of strength. The result…I have holes in the walls, indentations in my baseboard molding,  and even ruined door frames from the flimsy, ineffectual hinge-pin doorstops I’ve been sold.  I called a local hardware store who suggested I use those straight screw in doorstops that you put on the bottom of your door or on the molding. But, I have a beautiful home and aesthetics are important to me, so that idea just didn’t cut it.  Out of frustration, I went to a local decorative hardware showroom in Fairfield, NJ. Hardware Designs specializes in all manner of custom door and trim hardware, hinges, bath, kitchen, lighting, accessories and finely crafted interior and exterior doors. It turned about to be doorstop central.  I was helped by a young man, who was truly a door hardware guru.  He showed me all the possibilities from dome stops to magnetic stops and decorative angle stops, as well as newer style hinge pin stops that don’t wreck your doors.  Wall mounted doorstops of every shape and size, not to mention finish were also on display. I’ve got to say, Hardware Designs was more than helpful and very affordable. Check them out online at, or email them your problems/questions for a prompt solution at: If they only sold sheet rock and baseboard molding I could have solved all my problems in one stop.

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