It’s Alive…It’s Alive – the Finish that is

Now this is not intended to freak anyone out, but it’s an interesting point of fact that some faucet finishes, such as Oil Rubbed Bronze, are considered “living” finishes. Why you ask? Quite simply, a living finish is a non-lacquered, unprotected finish that “changes” over time. The changes in the finish are caused by oxidation from the air, as well as soaps, or even the natural oils that could be on your hands when you turn the faucets on and off. These changes can range from subtle lightening in the beginning to  more pronounced changes later on, ranging from lighter browns and golds all the way to pink tones. The patina that these faucets develop is beautiful – if you’re OK with something aging gracefully before your eyes. These faucets are made to have a vintage look over time, so if you prefer your faucets to retain that brand new look for its lifetime, a living finish is probably not for you. However, if your bathroom looks very natural, rustic, or vintage, a living finish will fit seamlessly into your decor.

Although most bronze finishes are “living” finishes – don’t be turned off to bronze itself. A few companies, such as Perrin & Rowe, Altmans, Jado, and Horus, do make bronze finishes that are considered “non-living”. For more information, please visit , or e-mail us at We will be happy to help you find the right faucet, living or not, to fit your needs!

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