Yes, it does exist.  I have various issues with purchasing product made in other parts of the world.  Be it the Orient or Europe, American jobs are at stake.  So, if given the choice, I would prefer product produced right here in good old America!  When I visited Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ. the sales rep there carefully walked me around the myriad of selections they proudly displayed.  These products were from just about everywhere.  China, Italy, Germany, New Zealand, and  yes, America as well. It became very obvious that my sales person had a strong desire to sell American made goods.  His comments about jobs, and quality really hit home with me.  There were many fine Factories and and importers represented at Hardware Designs.  Rohl, Dornbracht, Hans Grohe, and Friedrich Grohe.  Sigma, Blanco, Kwc, THG, as well as Perrin and Rowe are some of the names and products shown to me.  The last product line was called Waterstone, and yes, it was made in the U.S.A.  The price was higher for obvious reasons, but the quality and workmanship was evident.  Made here was all I wanted to hear.   I was sold.  I supported my own country for once.  This was one hell of a good feeling.  We all need to consider this stuff before making purchases on faucetry and related plumbing  products.  If you are in the market, consider the source I went to.

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