How many of you had to replace your kitchen faucetry like I had to do this past week?  I’ll bet lots of you if you are reading this blog.  I simply had to try to change  this faucet out by myself as I consider myself handy, capable, and curious enough to give it a try.  I Have all the necessary tools and patience…..or so I thought.  Hey, it’s not so easy.  Hard to see, hard to get to, and simply stated a pain in the butt.  My faucet was purchased about 11 years go from a local showroom, and the product was made in Europe.  Supposedly it was state of the art,  but I think my artist had a bad day!  I decided to revisit the showroom where I made the initial purchase only to find that they have been out of business for over three years.  I  imagine the miserable economy caught up to them.  I asked a neighbor, who had similar problems last year where she made her purchase and she gave me a local showroom in Fairfield, NJ.  I made the appointment, and made the automatic assumption that I would wait a tad, but was pleasantly surprised to have my sales associate waiting for me when I arrived.  How unusual is that I ask you?  After touring the showroom, we found our way into this large kitchen department.  I was given the story of all the brands and pricing.  The first item I liked was built in Germany, and was built like a brick, as many German products are! Another was Swiss made and is supposed to be better than Swiss chocolate!  The third was of Italian decent, but actually produced in China!  Nice looking product.  Unfortunately, not much made here in the USA!  What is that all about anyway?  Bigger question is  why do faucets drip or why to hoses break one day after the warranty ends?  Why do connections underneath the cabinet leak and ruin your woodwork etc etc?  What is with the finishes that don’t ever live up to the factory guarantees?  I wanted to bring my old faucet back to company that I purchased it from just to see what went wrong, or if there was something I did wrong, or a plumber did incorrectly.  Well not only was the distributor our of business as I mentioned, but the importer was also not part of the business world either!  So, I decided to  take my lumps and simply purchase  the best one I could find.  The sales person made the unusual comment that nothing on this planet was perfect, but that whatever decision I made would be guaranteed not only by the factory but the retailer as well!  I asked for that one in writing, and was surprised to get just that from the owner no less!  Amazing!  The honest sales rep went on to say that there was no perfect faucet because hoses are stretched to far, improper cleaning methods, super hard water, and more important, Murphy’s law!  If thing can go wrong…they will!  His honesty was refreshing.  I decided to take the plunge on a line called  Dornbracht.  Stunning, built well, with great functionality.  Yes it was kind of pricy, but hopefully, this time I got what I paid for, with a warranty backed by a factory and wholesaler, including the labor.  Oh, the company, Hardware Designs, kudos! www.hardware-designs.com info@hardware-designs.com

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