Leather Cabinetware


I am in the process of building a home office, and there is quite a bit of custom woodwork being done, and it needs something of interest to perk up the design. Functionality is not a bad idea as well, I love leather, and always have, so I turned to the internet and began my search for leather cabinetware. Many sites referred me to Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ, and after paying them a visit, I was not disappointed. Lots and lots of selection from basic brass or Polished nickel, to various types and colors of leather. All I can say is “wow!” There was just so much to select from, I was amazed.  I liked Turnsyle of England  and the line is well represented for you to select from. If you wanted inexpensive knobs or pulls then the Asian imported leather is for you. The metallic base of some of the stuff could be just about any finish as well. The selection was endless. I wound up coming in a second time with a drawer front, which made the final selection process really quite simple. Go there, get amazed, ’cause it’s worth it.   Just how much could there be to look at was my thought. Well, about 8000 knobs and pulls, that’s how much! I simply could not believe my eyes. That place is nuts! I will tell you this, if you don’t see it there then you won’t find it. They had leather, leather, and more leather. Domestically produced or imported from England. Colonial Bronze of Connecticut, or Atlas Hardware   but I could not trust my judgement without actually seeing some of the product at a dealer somewhere locally, here, in NJ! I was directed to Hardware Designs in TannerscraftI  know, I know, Leather stains, gets discolored, blah, blah, blah! Hey, it is just so neat looking! New, different, unique, and just plain cool! I have been shopping around for some really different stuff for my home office, which was recently rebuilt.  To Hardware Designs I say thanks.

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