Leather cabinetware!

Leather is truly such neat stuff. The feel, the color, the natural material, how can you knock this stuff!! Colonial Bronze of Torrington, Ct. has the perfect line.  Leather is not the cheapest cabinetware in the market place, and already, the Chinese are doing the usual routine of copying it at 1/3 the cost.  Lines from Top Nobs and Atlas are already flooding the market, but the finished are very limited.  But if quality is what you want with infinite base medal finishes for the posts of the knobs and pulls, then Colonial Bronze is the ticket.  The first hand stitched cabinetware I saw was from Turnstyle of Great Britain, and the quality was simply stunning.  The only issue was the pricing.  In other words, it was not for everyone.  They do the full line  of pulls and knobs, along with functional door hardware.  I can say you can’t beat the stuff, but if pricing in tantamount to selection, and you don’t  want to compromise  quality when it comes to cabinetware, then Colonial Bronze will get the nod.  Prices can range from the upper teens to the mid thirties for each knob and pull, but the look and feel is unique.  Sure leather can wear and the coloring and move a tad….like a baseball mit, but in my opinion, that is part of the beauty of it.  Natural materials should age with time!  These materials are available to few from our website at www.hardware-designs.com.  Just click on our cabinetware section and use the pull down menu to go to Colonial Bronze’s site.  Email or call us with you questions of for a quote.  info@hardware-designs.com

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