Over the years, many clients have asked me the origin of manufacture for many of the products we market here at Hardware Designs. (  At this point I would hazard a guess that probably less than 50% of our product line is U.S.A. made.  Unfortunately, this trend continues to slide, as more and more of our industry partners source most of their materials overseas.  China, Malaysia, India, South America, Mexico, and of course, Europe figure more and more into our product offerings.  The good side, is lower pricing, the bad side is loss of American jobs, and industry as a whole.  Hardware, plumbing, whirlpools, towel warmers, door hardware, accessories, kitchen faucets, you name it. are mostly produced overseas.  Quality has risen steadily, which is a good thing, but job erosion is certainly the negative.  I for one am not happy about this situation, as wall street only cares about numbers and profitability.  I care about the loss of our manufacturing base.  I certainly do not have all the answers to this other than to tax those products from those countries who do not import a equal amount from the U.S.A.  Sure I know this is unrealistic, but trying to think ahead by about 220 years, where will we be?  I welcome all comments on this.

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