So, the real deal is that I am past 60 years of age, and my vision leaves something to be desired, to say the least, and I have not even mentioned my lousy hearing!  I wear contact lenses, so at least I can see, but when it comes to close up work, I can’t see “Jack” and he is not my husband!  First off, I have to put my lenses in, and then add the various “shades” to make me presentable!  My husband needs some magnification to “remove” some unwanted “growth” in some key areas of his aging to perfection face!  In short, we both needed a good magnification mirror to see what we don’t see!  I went to a local beauty parlor supply store and noted all the mirrors displayed, and I suppose they were  o.k. but I was not sold and anything I was shown.  Five years ago, when my vision was better,  I had two of our baths remodeled with materials from Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ, and I remembered that they had a personal mirror display in their showroom.  I decided they were worth the twenty minute ride.  They had about a dozen or so to select from, but the  key was I got and explanation about magnification power, lens quality, one arm vs. two arm units, and most important, finish availability.  I needed oil rubbed bronze to match all the  faucetry and accessories purchased from Hardware Designs in prior years.  I was given my choices, and I selected a 2 arm 19″ extension mirror all finished in the oil rubbed bronze finish.  There were many magnification powers available to me from 3x up to 7x, and 5x was my selection.  In addition t this, I wanted a “ground”  lens to minimize any distortion.  This did add to the price, but my eyes are worth it.  Last but not least was the option to have a spot light mirror or a halo light mirror.  They halo had a simple white light surrounding the entire glass surface, and made for a soft but uniform illumination.  I can see my eyelashes, eyebrows and just where to see to add some liptstick!  My husband can now pluck hair out of his nose and ears!  Praise the lord, I can see!!  Thank you Hardware Designs!

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