Who would have “thunk” that a medicine cabinet company would make a unit that comes with a built in fridge? Robern, of course. Sounds silly no? Well if you have one of those homes where it is a long walk to your kitchen from your bedroom, and it is late at night, the house is cold, and let’s face it, you are “out of it” but you need some meds or something to snack on for medical reasons. Robern came up with this odd but truely usefull concept for those who find this a help. I am one of them. I take meds, and frequently could use a bolt of sweets in the middle of the night. I installed one of these cabinets last month in my bath, and I keep some O.J. as well as some meds that require a cool environment. Hey, it looks like a med cabinet, has plenty of storage, but has that added feature that folks like me find more than helpful. Thanks goes to the Robern team for the idea, and thanks to Hardware Designs for displaying it, and bringing it to my attention. See it at the Hardware Designs of Fairfield NJ web site. and click on bath and then med cabinets…to robern!! It’s a kick of a site to play around with. is the email just for your information.

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