To infinity and beyond!!!!

Finally something new for the shower stall that will achieve the spa look you crave. The problem has always been the boring 3″inch shower grid drain in the center of the stall. Not only does it destroy any decorative vision you might have for the tile on the shower floor but you are also forced to stand on that uncomfortable eyesore while bathing. Until recently this was simply unavoidable. Now there is a choice. Why not consider an Infinity linear drain? In the past this type of drain was most common as the long trench drain you see installed at the end of a driveway or around the perimeter of infinity pools. Now this ingenious drainage system has been brought indoors for the home spa bathroom. It installs against the wall or at the threshold of the shower stall. The shower floor is pitched slightly so that all the run off water will head towards the drain. Now your off the manhole cover, out of the draining water and standing on a comfortable uninterrupted tile or stone floor while showering. It is easy to install, can be cut to fit on site and requires less tile installation work than the tile cutting required to install around a traditional round grid drain.

Install an infinity drain in your next project. You can see a working display at the hardware designs showroom. Take your shower to infinity and beyond.

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