New Trends – The Personal In-Home Spa

Today, with the huge variety of spa oriented products on the market, more and more homeowners are creating a spa-like environment right in their own homes. After a long day at work wouldn’t it be nice to come home to your own personal spa, whether it’s a dry sauna, a wet steam shower or a soothing, massaging air or whirlpool bath. Can you think of anything more relaxing right in the privacy of your own home! Interested? Then, a trip to Hardware Designs in Fairfield NJ should be your first step. Their showrooms have everything you need to create the perfect spa setting…the latest steam showers from Steamist and Mr. Steam, a wide range of deep soaking, air massage or whirlpool  tubs, and all of the most wanted new features, including chromatherapy and aromatherapy, as well as music and video installations. With all of the options available to you you may get so blissed out you never want to leave the bath. Chek them all out at or for information contact them at  

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