It is probably time to buy a new front doors.  My home is in Morristown, N J, and was built 27 years ago.  At that time my builder custom built my front doors.  The base material was oak but he applied concentric cedar planking on both the right and left hand doors.  The two doors together made an rather simple but elegant pattern.  The roof overhang above these doors is rather minimal and since the doors face southeast, they do receive a rather large dose of sunshine.  Since, my builder never took this into account, the discoloration has been considerable, and had I not restained these doors ever few years, I doubt my doors would have lasted as long as they have.  Well,  the designs are now old, and the door desperately needs either refinishing and reweatherstripping, or better yet replacement.  I had done some homework, and had visited some of the local door companies, at least those left in business due to the shortage of construction.  I have seen some stunning fibre glass doors from Jeld-wen, and frankly, these make more sense due to the sun exposure problem.  Every showroom was interested in hawking the high end wood products from various companies  such as Jeld-wen, or Architectural Traditions, but unless I want to be in the permanent maintenance business, fibre glass got my vote. Pricing can be considerable, but most companies were rather competitive with each other, but the true difference is in the presentation and more important the installation.  I selected a Fairfield, NJ company called Hardware Designs simply because the showroom, the workroom, and the installation crew, were are self contained and part of the same company.  Better yet, they have by far the largest door hardware selection you can ever possibly imagine.  You name the brand, from Baldwin to Baltica, from Omnia to Classic Brass, it is there to see and feel not just to view in a catalog.  It took 9 weeks to get the door, which was what was basically promised.  The installation was done by two professional men, who were fastidious and particular.  I write this blog as a way of thanks to  the entire door hardware staff  at Hardware Designs.

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