Not all furniture functions well in the bathroom

When visiting Hardware Designs in Fairfield NJ, I was made aware of something I had never really considered before. I had an antique dresser, a much loved piece of furniture which I wanted to convert and use as a vanity in one of my bathrooms. The salesperson who was helping me explained that there is a huge difference between furniture engineered for use in a bath environment and those designed for use throughout the home where extreme fluctuations in temperature and humidity are not a daily issue. He explained that different types of stains and glues have been developed to help furniture designed for the bath to withstand the rigors of that environment. I never realized that the piece I wanted to convert would never have held up and was destined to fall apart if subjected to the normal conditions found in most bathrooms. Thankfully, the Hardware Design salesperson was a huge help and I ultimately bought a beautiful Vanity Flair vanity to complete my bath and save my cherished old dresser. Thanks again Hardware Designs for steering me in the right direction. Check out their website at or for information contact them at

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