Nothing but the Sink

This morning a client came in looking for a kitchen sink. I asked her what type of sink she was looking for. She wasn’t really sure what she wanted.  I explained to her that there are different types and styles to choose from. Let’s get started, grab a cup of our freshly brewed coffee and follow me into our kitchen area. She immediately became overwhelmed by the amount of product we have on display. I said, just breathe and let me make this easy for you. How about an under mounted stainless steel sink? Julien is made in Canada using recycled American stainless steel. Commercial grade – 16 ga material thickness.  Corrosion resistant 304 series stainless steel.  It is a brushed finish which matches stainless appliances with sound deadening pads.  They offer different types of edges to go with every type of style cabinet.  Blanco and Elkay  makes a standard 18 gauge stainless steel sink this is considered a residential grade just to name a few that we display here at Hardware Designs Inc. After explaining the difference between the two grades she thought stainless steel might be to cold a look for her.

I’ve got a sink for you I said. We went on to discuss using an apron front sink made of fireclay.

 Fireclay is a natural material composed of clay, silica, and ash. Due to the organic nature of fireclay, sinks can vary up to a ¼”. I told my client that should she chose to purchase this type of sink it should be given to the cabinet maker before the cabinets are ordered


Fireclay sinks are easy to maintain; regular cleaning with mild soap and a soft cloth or sponge rinsed out thoroughly and wiped dry after each use is all you need to do. Herbeau has a beautiful apron front sink with detail to the front that just adds a little elegance to the kitchen. Rohl distributes the well known Shaws of Darwen, England sink. It is still hand poured and shaped and stamped with the name of the artisan who created it. These authentic sinks resist acid, alkali, scratches making them as durable today as they were a century ago.

She was concerned that the apron front sink would be too trendy. I suggested on using an Allia under mount fireclay sink. It is made of the same natural clay that goes into the world famous Limoges fine ceramic ware. Allia sinks are durable and beautiful. Each sink is covered with a glaze to make the surface hard that resists stains and chips and it will never rust. It is available in both white and biscuit to match her décor.


 My client also told me that she was thinking of doing a prep sink in the island; what a great way to tie the kitchen together by adding a round or square sink made of fireclay to match. I also mentioned to her that the sinks were environmentally friendly, lead free and recyclable.

She said   “I believe we have a sink” and this was easier than I thought.

With all the information in her hand she was off to show her husband.  “I like the idea of having a fireclay sink, it gives me the warmth I want and it looks like my fine china.” She thanked me for all the time I spent with her. I told her when she was ready and had more time we would visit the world of kitchen faucets. She laughed and said   “thank you, I will be back you made it so easy for me to make a decision”.

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