Off the beaten path!!

So I’m driving home one Tues evening from my daily commute to NYC and I run into some unexpected traffic in Fairfield N.J. I don’t usually hit any congestion in this area, but as it turns out there was an accident and things were backed up pretty good. In an effort to avoid the delay I decided to turn off of route 46 and try to find an alternate way home. I found myself on a side road called New Dutch Ln. I’m not very familiar with the area and unlike everyone else these days I don’t have a GPS, so I decided to stop somewhere and get directions. It was after 5pm and most of the buildings in the area looked closed but i noticed one with a number of cars out front called Hardware Designs. By the name, I just assumed they had something to do with building computers. Boy was I suprised. When I walked through the front doors I could not believe it. What I saw was an unbelievable collection of kitchen, bath, and door hardware. I had no idea there was a place like this in Jersey. The receptionist at the front desk asked me if I would be needing any sales help, or if I had an appointment. When I told her why I had really stopped in she said “that’s OK feel free to look around anyway and when your done I’ll give you some directions to get home.” That night when my wife and I sat down to have dinner, I told her all about my little detour, which led right into a discussion about our master bathroom that she has been after me to renovate for the last year or so. Maybe she’s right, that working steamshower display I saw with the big rainhead was pretty cool, and knowing I don’t have to drive into NYC on my day off to go pick out everything was pretty appealing as well. Hey what a great find. You can see them online as well at or even email them at

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