Old Bathroom, New Look!


What happens when you have and “old” bathroom and want to give it a “new” look, but you’re not ready for a total renovation?  Well, we are very familiar with this picture! The tile looks good, but everything else is falling apart. The faucets are tarnished and the toilet does not flush properly. Let’s explore a recent situation.

Some weeks ago, a nice couple visited our showroom and began explaining, with detail, the “BIG” problem they had. All the faucets in the bathroom were tarnished and some, including the shower valve, were leaking. The bathroom was about 18 years old but the porcelain tile was still in good shape. “What can we do?. We can not afford a total renovation, but we would like to change the appearance of the bathroom.”  The first thing I did was to identify the shower valve located inside the wall. This is not always an easy task, but they brought some pictures of the exposed trim. (handle and plate) I was able to find new trim that is available in a different finish. They chose brushed nickel. Now all the faucets and accessories (toilet paper holder, towel bar, etc) could be replaced to match this “new finish.” The couple was selected a new toilet and a vanity as well.  I could see the signs of frustration turning into signs of happiness! They left the showroom with a competitive quote and within two days placed an order!  With the help of a good plumber, they now have an “old” bathroom with a “new” look!” Planning a project such as this is always better than doing it on the fly, but you can save a ton of money by using the rough valves in the wall when possible, and just ordering the “external trim.”   New toilets, vanities and accessories can be replaced without touching the tile. This will add value to your home and allow you to have an updated bathroom with a “new look” at a fraction of the cost.  More important, our new look will give you pleasure and functionality that was sorely lacking!  Visit us online at www.hardware-designs.com, or email us your questions or thoughts at info@hardware-designs.com

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