I built my home almost 27 years ago, and  one of the few things that got away from me was selecting the correct doors, both for the interior and exterior.  My builder had little to say about doors, and frankly, I  knew virtually nothing.  The doors he had delivered for installation were constructed of some wood edging with a masonite facing and they were hollow. These are virtually the cheapest grade of door you can find in the marketplace.  Sure, they paint up well, but the edges are poor and hardware supplied was as basic as can be imagined.  Round corner hinges were sub par, and the latch cutouts were radius as well.  All in all, it was a cheap door and at cheap price from a cheap builder.  The noise factor, well let’s just say that any noise on one side simply passed through the door almost unabated!  I was allowed 15.00 per door for a  lockset for the interior and 125.00 for the exterior lock.  Put these numbers into today’s values, and you would find virtually no change, since all that American made stuff is now sourced in China, and priced like it was 27 years ago.  My front door was made of oak, and the builder slapped on some cedar siding to it to make the door thicker and a tad more stylish.  I suppose the cedar has withstood the test of time, but functionally, the lockset  he provided was truly basic.  When you visit a showroom like Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ, you are positively stunned at the depth of selection for not only the door but the locks and hinges.  The quality level is so far superior that I am a tad embarrassed by what I have in my own home.  I understand door thickness now, as well as poplar jambs as opposed to pine jams for my paint grade interior doors that I will be selectively replacing.  Sure, I can have walnut, mahogany, or some other wood for that matter when it comes to jamb material, but for me it will not be necessary.  The Jeld=-wen line, along with the Architectural Tradition line really were interesting to view in person, and not online.  I had no idea that doors were so complicated, but he staff was more than knowledgeable.  Prices can be a factor, and there were many steps to selecting the correct product but the help received was more than adequate to make the correct decision, both visually and financially.  This place is worth the visit, as once you have found the right doors, you can find a selection of door hardware that can not be compared with any place I have ever seen.  Make the trip, it was worth it for me. www.hardware-designs.com or info@hardware-designs.com

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