My home was built in 1968,  a time when current plumbing codes were not even in the dream phase!  Balanced pressure, valves, or thermostatic valves for the home were rarely used, and were never specified by architects of that time period.  So, when your hot or cold shower valve freezes up, and finding replacement parts is more of a bother than it is worth.  I spent a fair amount of time looking for these parts, and finally was convinced by my plumber to open the wall and put in up to date valving that passes all state and local codes.  I selected thermostatic technology, a valve that presets water temperature and holds it there, unless you run out of hot water!  Flushing the toilet has no effect on the performance of this valve.  I have two volume controls as well.  One runs the shower head, and one runs the hand shower that I was convinced to add, for cleaning purposes if nothing else.  I made my purchase at Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ, and the selection process, while confusing, was actually fun.   I have a state of the art shower, at a price that was not earth shattering, and in a finish call oil rubbed bronze.  Neat stuff, neat place.

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