Replicated Bathroom Furniture

More and more, people are using traditional furniture pieces in non-traditional ways in their bathrooms. However, not all antique and vintage furniture is suitable for conversion to plumbing.  The most important things to consider are strength and durability, With an old or vintage cabinet, for example, you have to be sure it’s sturdy enough to hold the sink and faucets and that it will hold up in terms of water and also, that it can house the plumbing comfortably. Most antique pieces are not made for exposure to steam and water. However, with this growing interest in converting vintage pieces for bathroom use, some vanity manufacturers are offering a more expanded line of both pre-made and custom designed furniture pieces that are made for the bath. The Furniture Guild specializes in freestanding, durable furniture style pieces. They will even distress the piece so that it looks more “vintage”. Companies like Fairmont Designs and Empire Industries offer more basic, pre-made items, some of which you can also purchase with pre-made granite or marble countertops for easy, one stop shopping.

Hardware Designs has many furniture styles pieces on display in their showroom, and even more on their website – Or you can e-mail for more information.

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