Service and Hardware Designs

Service, that’s what it is all about!  If you are a full time sales person, and you receive numerous calls about where are your faucet deliveries, or where is your decorative door hardware, then your job is to answerthese inquiries in a timely fashion.  Hardware Designs has a 10 member service staff, dedicated to nothing but service.  Our tech department is second to none, and each sales associate’s assistant is virtually the right and left arm of the company.  I know of no competitor that does it the way we do.  We are totally committed to getting your decorative hardware and plumbing to you in a timely fashion, with specs, when required, andthe technical know-how to answer and builder’s or plumber’s questions.  Thermostatic valves, steam units, door hardware, whirlpool configurations, and things like towel warmers can be confusing.  Building a vanity and assembling them requires a staff to back up the sale.  That is what Hardware Designs of Fairfield, NJ is all about.  We are worth the visit, in person, or online.

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