Solving A Plumbing Problem

Here is a story with a happy ending.  A couple visited our showroom this morning, and had a specific problem and need.  The had recently purchased a home in the Poconos, and the diverter  that was part of their tub filler on their whirlpool failed.  It was made by Fredrich Grohe of Germany, but the part was at least 30 years old and no longer available.  Hardware Designs was suggested to them by their plumbing contractor.  He said if they can’t help you then I don’t know what to say!  Well, we could not pull a discontinued diverter cartridge out of thin air, but we did come up with some options that eventually lead to a nice sale for Hardware Designs and a comfortable fix for some new clients.   These folks had some further issues to be dealt with.  Their tub deck has five holes…one for hot valve, one for the cold valve, one for the diverter, one for the spout, and one for the hand shower.  Many manufacturer’s today use a diverting deck tub spout and therefore dispense with the separate deck diverter.  Wait, there is more.  The couple need a lifetime brass to match the jets in their whirlpool tub!  It had to be sleek, contemporary and warrantied for life!  Now that we had all the specifics, we were able to hone in on various factories that still offer 5 hole deck tub sets in the lifetime brass finish.  We also needed a single hole faucet and a six inch cover plate for their sink as well.  It seems that Altmans of California fit the bill perfectly.  We decided upon the Adina style, which is zen like, and priced reasonably. The lead time was four weeks and that was acceptable to our new found clients.  Problems solved!  The good news is that when walking around the Hardware Designs showroom, they decided upon some matching bathroom accessories and some new door hardware for the rest of the home.  They wanted their interior designer to see the door hardware selections from Omnia and  Baldwin Brass.  Since they are linked to our website,  pictures and specs are not a problem.  As you can see,  problems are not problems, when solutions are here at Hardware Designs.  Email us your thoughts or difficulties and let’s see what we can do for you.

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