Somebody stop my door!!

I have holes in the walls. holes in my baseboard molding,  and even ruined door frames from the dumb hinge-pin stops I was sold.  I called a local hardware store and they told me to use those so-called straight stops that you put on the bottom of your door or on the molding….just what I wanted to get away from!  I have a beautiful home with 3 young boys who open doors with a vengeance.  Bang, door knobs pushed directly  through the sheet rock or one more busted molding .  I went out of frustration to a local decorative hardware place that specializes in custom door hardware, hinges, plumbing, and what have you. Jeez!  Not the place to visit  if you don’t have time to gawk!  It was door stop central,  door knob o’rama!  A plumbing mecca to say the least would hardly describe what I encountered.  I worked with a young man, who was truly a door hardware guru.  He showed me all the possibilities from dome stops to magnetic stops.  Newer hinge pin stops that don’t wreck doors, to decorative angle stops.  Wall stops of every shape and size to mention finish.  I wish they sold sheet rock to fix all the holes I have in my walls!!  I can say this much, Hardware Designs was inexpensive and more than helpful.  Go visit them online, at or email them your problems for a helpful solution at

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