Stainless Steel by Julien

Hardware Designs has been doing stainless steel sinks for over thirty years now, and on name has become synonymous with ultimate quality.  That name is Julien, of Canada.  What makes this brand different is simple. Gauge for one thing will tell you just how resistant a sink is to denting or scratching.  Julien’s standard is 16 gauge.  Gauge numbering runs counter intuitive to  everyday thought.   The lower the number, the thicker the steel.  Standard stainless sinks run the gamut from 18g to 20g.  So, the truly inexpensive sinks are  typically 20 gauge.  Unless you doing a basement slop sink, stay away from this gauge.  More typical is 18g. Certainly tough and scratch resistant, but not the product ot use if you want the best.  Julien, specializes in 16g.  They offer three distinct sink bottom designs. The classic edge is rounded at the bottom and therefore traditional in design and by far and away the easiest to clean.  A second option is called the J7 edge. Essentially, the J7 has bottom edges that start at 90 degrees (side wall) to an approx 45 degree tilt just before reaching the flat bottom of the sink. This 45 degree edge, while very very small, makes the sink more “hi tech” and therefore more contemporary.  I should be noted that  the basic cleaning will be just a tad more involved.  The last style offered from Julien is the urban edge. This has a 90 degree vertical to 0 degree bottom. i.e. a sharp right angle. Truly contemporary, and it goes without saying, the more difficult to maintain.  So, there are the sink options.  Julien also offers built in sponge drawers on one or more sides of t he sink.  These are flush mounted with the side wall and hinged to open and close.  These concealed drawer bases are built in  way to let water drain out of them and are truly unique to the Julien line.  While these options are not inexpensive, they are convenient,  You can see all this on our website, or send us a question if you like at

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