Stainless Steel is the Real Deal!

In the kitchen, you have to make the choice as to which type of material you want to use for a sink.  Cast iron, fire-clay, quartz resin, corian, copper, or stainless steel are the prime candidates, and I am sure I am missing a few, but 95% of our sales today are stainless.  Whether you want to go cheap and use 20 gauge, or upgrade to 18 gauge or even better yet, 16 gauge, stainless is by far and away what  most kitchen designers are specifying.  Sure farm sinks continue to be popular, but even there, stainless  has gotten a foothold.  Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ, has more than an ample display of stainless from various factories.  You can see most of it online at Just click on the kitchen category, and email us your thoughts at

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