Steam Away Life’s Little Aches to the Strains of Your Favorite Music

One of life’s great pleasures is luxuriating in the steamroom I’ve installed in my home from Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ. While constructing a new granite walled shower in my home it occurred to me that it was the perfect time to equip it with a steam generator. Hardware Designs showed me two units, one from Mr. Steam and the other from Steamist. Both are reasonably priced and excellent products. Ultimately my selection was based on the size of the shower in cubic feet to determine which company’s unit would most efficiently meet the demand for steam. When I got into the details with my customer service rep at Hardware Designs, he introduced me to a whole range of options I didn’t even know existed. One of them was aroma therapy which I found interesting but not really something I wanted. There are also flat screen video options and chromatherapy options that introduce controllable colored lighting into the steam shower for some interesting effects. But, what really hooked me was an option for incorporating a sound system into the steam shower’s interior. I purchased an ipod docking system with specially engineered speakers that are mounted to the rear wall of the shower and essentially turns the entire wall into an amazing speaker system. The sound is truly incredible, and when combined with the soothing properties of steam it gets the kinks out quickly whether you’re listening to the Kinks, Coltrane, or Chopin.  Why not stop in at Hardware Designs to see a demonstration, or visit their website,  You can also email them your shower specs at  and they will quote you online as well. 

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