I am a lover of steam.  My dad was a lover of steam, and one of my daughters is a lover of steam.  This is not to say that steam is for everyone.  It clearly is not.  For those of you who love taking a steam shower, there are some new product developments that really add to the steam experience in a very positive way.  Let me first say, that steam in not a cheap product.  Prices can vary from the reasonable to the outrageous!  It is always about what your desires are.  For me,  going full tilt has been nothing but a hoot!  My unit from Thermosol has so many programmable features.  Features such as digital timers, relatively instant steam, chromotherapy, aromatherapy, and blue tooth capability.  I have sinked my ipod to my shower, and for me, this is the best. The Pro series that was installed actually talked to me and confirms each setting that I make.  Wild, wild wild!  You might ask why I chose to spend a relatively large sum of dollars on this steam generator, and the answer is simple.  I love steam, and it is was on the few pleasures that I afford myself.   At Hardware Designs, we offer steam generators from several quality companies.  Among them are Mr. Steam, Steamist, and Thermosol, which I have been tauting in this blog.  All of the mentioned units are good units, but the Thermosol unit goes several steps beyond the standard.  I invite the reader to stop by Hardware Designs and investigate steam for yourself.  See them in operation here on New Dutch Lane, here in Fairfield, NJ.  See us online at, or email us at


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