My builder, actually a nice guy, but cheap, put in switchplates that didn’t even do cheap Chinese imports justice. I decided it was time to have the category live up to its name…..i.e. “switch-plates!” I shopped around, from local hardware stores to Home Depot. What garbage! My neighbor told me to go to Hardware Designs in Fairfield,NJ and have a look. Suprise, suprise! Multiple styles, mutliple finishes, competitive pricing, and some serious guidance. I put in oil rubbed bronze plates to match my faucets in the master bathroom, and satin nickel to match the faucets and light fixtures in the powder room. While at Hardware Designs I decided to splurge and do the kitchen plates as well. I need flat black, and actually found what I needed. All the plates were made of solid brass and finished accordingly. Good deal, good place, good news. Thanks Hardware Designs. www.hardware-designs.com or info@hardware-designs.com

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