So I thought I was saving money, buy purchasing a inexpensive 20″ x 36″ recessed medicine cabinet from my local big box store, the name of which I will leave to your imagination.  I did not consider looking around before this purchase, so I simply made a decision based on dollar value.  WRONG MOVE!!!  The cabinet is garbage, the hinges on the glass door are garbage, and basically I got what I paid for…..that being garbage.  I could not return it because I already installed it.  I shopped around and decided to lick my wounds and make the correct purchase.  I selected a Robern cabinet.  This puppy is built well, and won’t fall apart in a year.  I was sent to Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ, where my builder told me to go to originally.  I ahould have listened.  Had I known sooner about these folks, I would done a lot of things differently.  Faucets, shower stuff, toilets, cabinetware up the wazzoo!!  Live and learn!  www.hardware-designs.com or info@hardware-designs.com


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