Some folks like a nice soft, easy, no frills shower. But there are some folks that like their shower to be an experience. I will avoid all the chat about shower heads, body sprays, rainbars, flood/deluge shower heads, hand showers, steam and god knows what else. I will tell you that valves make one world of a difference as to just how you approach showering. If simplicity is your thing, i.e. your in and out with no fuss, perhaps a balanced shower valve is your thing. These valves are limited to approx 4-7 gallons a minute, and 99% of the valves out there do not have any control of the volume of water delivered to you. It is either full on or off. You select temperature by rotating the knob/lever in one direction or another. That’s it-period. It’s full flow or nothing. Can’t do multiple functions, such as two or three heads, as there is not enough water pressure. Got it? Now if your like me and you want relax and just perhaps crack a smile in the shower, then thermostatic shower valves are the real deal. These valves. depending on the rating and size of the valve deliver anywhere from 8-22 gallons a minute at temperatures preselected to your taste, with virtually no variance at all. Wow! Today, most thermostatic valves do not have volume controls. They simply regulate the temperature of the water that will exit the valve. From the exit point, one must install volume control valves to turn various functions on and off, and anywhere in between from full volume to minimal volumes of water. Because they deliver more water, you are able to have multiple functions inside the shower such as those mentioned in the beginning of this blog. So, who are you? What do you like? Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ can select the appropriate valving to suit your desires. Along with our faucetry, toilets, vanities, tubs, etc. etc. we’ve got your number and any price point to meet your financial situation. See us online at www.hardware-designs.com or email us at info@hardware-designs.com. You won’t be dissapointed, of that I am sure.

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