Tell Me Again How Much that Faucet Is

I never really gave much thought as to what a faucet would cost, but in the process of redoing one of the bathrooms in my home I was fortunate enought to visit Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ. The knowlegeable staffer I worked with gave me an explanation as to why some faucets can cost a week’s pay after I admitted to some sticker shock. I’m not a wealthy person but I am practical and when the instrinsic differences between the Dornbracht line I was considering were explained to me, as well as how this German engineered and manufacturered product line delivers superior performance over the long term, it made a lot of sense.The quality was apparent at a glance, but as I said, I just had no idea how expensive an entire Dornbracht bathroom package would be.  When you consider the thermostatic shower valves, shower heads, roman tub set and hand shower, two faucets, and all the accessories, I began to have some second thoughts.  But, once my sales person carefully explained the differences between Dornbracht and the many lesser copies in the market place, I realized the difference is substantial. These products are engineered to last a lifetime and will probably outlast me. But my practical side is quick to point out that my bathroom’s Dornbracht fixtures are just one less thing to worry about as I get older  Go visit Hardware Designs to see their extensive offerings of both Dornbracht and many other fine faucet manufacturers’ lines, or check them out online first like I did at You can even email them your questions at


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