That Faucet is how much??

Sticker shock, total disbelief, or some other expletive deleted!  Pricing today, in-spite of recession, is almost unworldly.  Sure, we can always buy inexpensive materials  from the big box stores, but if quality is what you are after, what is the limit as to what one should spend on faucetry, hardware, tubs, whirlpools, locksets, or any other item for the home for that matter?   The simple answer is, well made material is not inexpensive.  Sure when sourced from the far east,  prices  are as much as 40% lower, and that comes at the expense of our rising unemployemnt  here in the USA.  I, for  one, am trying to invest in my own country’s production where possible, and I certainly wish more would at least give this some thought.  In a renovation project at my own home three years ao, I had to make some choices about bath materials, and I selected items produced in Germany, as what I desired was simply not available from U.S. manufacturers.  Sure, this does not match my current philosophy, as I could have purchased the knock-off from some obscure Chinese factory at less than half the cost.  I know the Dornbracht materials I purchased are fabulous, and built to kill, and at the time it was worth every penny to me.  I sincerely wish it was made domestically, and the next bath renovation will include materials from  the U.S.A. as my sentiments are most definitely changing.  So, how much is that faucet?  Expensive enough to deliver great performance with lasting service, and hopefully U.S made to help our country right itself.  Comments welcome.

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