The Best Time To Renovate Is Now!

The date was Oct  9, 2007, and the Dow industrial average was 14164!  On March 9, 2009, the same Dow average was 6547! As I write this blog, the Dow is once again 800 points away from recovering that major paper loss.  I believe it is often said that what goes up must come down, but it seems to Hardware Designs folks that the opposite also hold true, what has come down will rise up again!  The lesson is simple here, now is the time to renovate and rebuild.  Prices, once again, are on the increase, with Chinese materials rising by as much as 30%, and this tells us that the pricing of these renovations will significantly increase as we move forward with this recovery.  If  you act now, a lot less dough will come out of your pocket  than a year from now..count on it.  Home values will once again begin to rise as the lowered values of the past 4 years will become a distant memory.  For those folks who do renovate, the financial gain of selling a renovated property will become quite significant.  For those of you who plan to stay in your home for the long  haul,  the enjoyment of your new baths and kitchen will be worth it.  New Jersey does not have vast amounts of open space, and if you live in the densely populated eastern coastal areas you know that home values rise when demand rises.  Our region is home to three of the wealthiest counties in the nation.  People want to live here, and values can stay depressed just so long. The concept of freshening up your home has benefits beyond the financials.  Thermo massuer baths, steam showers, rain shower heads and body sprays simply stated are enjoyable and relaxing.  A new vanity with great new  faucets,  that in many cases are made in America, add value and function to your home.  All these possibilities are available here at Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ.  Let us help you design your project and show you the myriad of selections from bath to kitchen,  from doors to door hardware.  Let Hardware Designs help you turn  your home into an “oasis of relaxation!”


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