The Bidet Seat

If you are one of those who desires a bidet, and your current master bath, or any other bathroom for that matter does not have the space, it might be worthwhile to consider a bidet seat.  I am one of those!  After undergoing some recent surgery, the details of which are not worth talking about, I found  myself in need of an item that I would have never considered in a million years.  The bidet, as far as I was concerned, was a European thing, and not something that most Americans gave much thought to.  I spent some time investigating this concept online and came up with several manufacturers.  I then got into my car and checked out Hardware Designs, in Fairfield, NJ.  No I didn’t just go there, I was sent there by my interior designer who shops there frequently.  I was greeted by a gentleman at their reception desk, and I admit I was squeamish about having this discussion, coming from a puritanical backround!  The salesperson was funny, understanding, and most important attentive to my requirements.  He brought me to three different models from two different companies, Toto, and Brondell.  They both did the same things and had relatively similar price points, though the Brondell was more simple in appearance.  This was a hard subject to wrap my mind around. and after having sat on the three samples, bewildered and embarrassed, I decided on a Brondell unit.  A heated seat, thermostatically controlled water temperatures, dual functionality from front to back, a built in dryer, and more settings than I frankly needed.  It works off a remote control and was really easy to learn.  I am over my embarrassment and wondering why I was so reticent regarding this purchase.  This item is marvelous, sanitary, efficient, and frankly not even bad looking!!  Interesting enough, I had my doctor give me a presciption for this item, and had my insurance pick up the cost, although I do wonder if the item will be allowed in the future due to all the health care changes we are facing.  Go have a look for yourselves. Go to Hardware Designs in Fairfield if they are local to you.

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