The Cost of Service


What price service?


In this day of instant everything, savings, or the perception of savings is just a mouse click away.  What began as a tool to ensure savvy shopping has now become a gladiator sport with just as many casualties.


When you swap service for cyber space what are you really saving?  What is the price of accountability?  What is the value for peace of mind?  What is the cost of your time?


When you place your order on the internet where do you turn if your fixture arrives damaged, incorrect, with no installation instructions or missing components?  How much time will you have to spend on hold waiting for a customer service call center rep to help you?  What will you do if you can’t reach a person at all or they aren’t able to assist you?  How much will you have to spend to correct the problem and how much lost time will it cost your project?


 When you entrust your project to the HD team, it is attended to from conception to completion by our staff.  We will work with you and your designer, architect and builder to ensure that your product arrives correctly and on time.  If a technical question arises, help from our dedicated tech department is available any time during business hours.  If a part arrives damaged or incorrect, your sales person will work to fix it with as little hassle or involvement from you as possible, and if you need someone to visit your jobsite, we will, no problem!


Sometimes the bigger better deal isn’t the number on the price tag but the personal involvement of team.  Put ours to work for you.


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