The Door Stops Here!

Doorstops are usually an afterthought, but certainly a neccesary one. So before you put a hole in that freshly painted wall, consider doorstops one of those little details that you cannot overlook. The problem is, where do you find them. Have you checked out the selection at your local big box store? Not much to choose from, and even if they have the style you need, they probably won’t have the finish you’re looking for. So what’s the answer? Hardware Designs, in Fairfield NJ. You can see them online at Their selection is unbelievable.They have floor stops, wall stops, hinge stops, high stops, and low stops in traditional & contemporary styles, and in just about any finish you could want. So before you swing open that bathroom door a little to hard and crack that beautiful tile or screw up your door molding, that you just spent a small fortune on, you might want to give them a call. While your at it, you might want to swap out that plastic switchplate cover with something a little more stylish. They have those too! Email them at

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