The Economy And Hardware Designs!

Sure, the economy has been in a tailspin for quite some time, and this has had a negative effect on the building industry.  Decorative hardware certainly has suffered, along with decorative plumbing.  Custom doors sales have seen a dramatic decrease and I would say there are few categories in building industry that have not suffered.  Why the negative news about the past?  Simply stated, it is the past.  The future has finally and fortunately brightened!  Here lies the catch. Prices have been relatively stable for almost 18 months, and anyone with half a brain knows that this can not last.  Builders, architects, designers, and  showrooms like Hardware Designs are seeing a dramatic increase in traffic, and this will put pressure on the manufactures to stock more product, and increase prices.  Take this to the bank, I kid you not.  If you are considering a renovation, or even new construction, the savings will be over the next three months.  After this short period prices will once again begin the upward spiral.  Imported goods, which have flooded our market over the last 10 years, simply can not stay ridiculously cheap forever.  As Chinese labor costs rise, so to will the prices of all the imported copies of plumbing and hardware that has inundated the building industry.  Simply stated….the time is right if you care to save a bundle!  or   I welcome your input!

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