The Farmhouse Sink – Nothing Rural About It for Today’s Kitchens

If you’re thinking a Farmhouse Sink means a bigger, deeper, utilitarian sink with all the appeal of a McCormick Reaper, you’re way off base. To be sure, most farmhouse styled sinks are somewhat deeper and larger, but for today’s style conscious homeowner, they’ve been dressed up in a great many ways. A wide range of materials is available and decorative front panels abound to tie your sink in with your overall decorating scheme. And colorwise, it’s no longer just basic white or biscuit coloring. For instance, Elkay recently came out with a line of colorful farmhouse sinks, including one in a striking terracotta tone that works perfectly in my kitchen. So, if you want the practicality of a large farmhouse sink with a sense of style built in, come by Hardware Designs real soon. I’ll bet they’ll have exactly what you’re looking for. Check out their website at, or for questions contact them at    

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