The List

I had the most fun helping a customer today. Ever. Not that I don’t like have fun – but this day was different. The threat of a blizzard was imminent and the contractor needed the materials. The pressure was on! Now, people are individuals, and all people react differently to pressure – especially pressure that is unwanted. In this case – choosing items for the house was the LAST thing on my clients mind (as it had been for the entire previous year). But now the builder was getting mad. Especially since we hadn’t  picked out everything that was on his list. We talked, we laughed, we talked about renovations and our kids. An hour passed, and we had work to do.


Now “The List” as I will call it, consisted of toilets, sinks, faucets, shower materials for 9 bathrooms. As well as door hardware, some vanities, and faucets for bar and pantry areas. It was literally everything but the kitchen sink – as we had picked out some loverly Julien sinks previously. And my client was not liking the pressure. “The List” was like something that followed us throughout our meeting. It was there when we were caught off topic and started looking at refrigerator pulls. Literally. It fell off the table and flew onto the floor by our feet. It mocked us – almost saying “your not supposed to be picking that out yet…..”. So we looked at each other, laughed, and went back to picking undermount sinks from Barclay so the stone guy could template the new house. Bottom line? We did the same sink everywhere. It was sink or swim here, and we had a lot to do.


The powder room is a special room of the house. Literally, the showcase bathroom. We already had a great vanity in mind, and now settled on looking for cabinet hardware for the piece. We looked at beautiful pieces with hand set Swarovski crystal, made by Edgar Berebi. “The List” fell off my clipboard. We just looked at each other, then “The List”. “Please step away from the hardware – you don’t need the pretty stuff yet”. I swear that’s what it said.


So now the kitchen is done – we have Rohl pull out spray faucets. The butlers pantry is done – some Bates weathered brass sinks and Cifial faucets.  Bathrooms have sinks and toilets from Toto. Can we now relieve ourselves from the situation? No. Now shower fixtures. I turn on shower head after hand shower, showing different water sprays and pressure. As the water builds in our working shower display, She asks me if she can drown herself on the shower floor. Sensing the seriousness of the situation, I asked her if all the showers should have the same heads. She said yes, and put her hand to her forhead. “The List” fell out when I turned the page in my book. It landed face up on a vanity top. She sighed. She closed her eyes and pointed. We had showerheads!


We should be happy, right? We’re on the home stretch…only one last thing to pick out…door knobs for the entire house are the last thing on “The List”.


She crumpled up “The List” and threw it away. There’s always another day.

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