The Long And Short Of It!!

Its a Monday, and a couple strolls into hardware designs to consider the renovation of their master bathroom. Sounds easy, should be easy, the budget is clear, but there is this problem!   He is six feet  four inches tall, while she is only about five feet one!!   Some questions come to mind.  How tall should the vanity be, not to mention the toilet, and the shower set up.  Big guy want the toilet tall, while little woman can’t feel comfortable on the extended height toilet.  Hey has the bad knees, while she has the final say.  She wants a lower shower head that she can reach, while tall boy can’t even bend enough to get his head under the height she desires!!  We needed solutions, and they had to be economical that made both of them smile.  So here is what we did!  Mr tall wanted a ada height toilet, or approx 17.5″ off the floor, and she would have needed a ladder to sit on it.  We compromised on a comfort height toilet from toto at 16″ off the floor instead to the standard 15″ height.  In the shower, we used a multi-functional hand shower, from Jaclo, that has all the features of a super shower head, and put it on a 24″ shower bar, also from Jaclo, for adjustability to his or her height!  The vanity was a tough one, as he wanted 36″ off the floor, and standard is usually 32″-33″ depending on the manufacturer.  We went to Vanity Flair and designed one at 34″ to keep both of them happy!  The saying goes “A happy wife, a happy life,” and I believe w Hardware Designs found the path that works. or

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