The Myth of Hardware Designs

More often than not, when I tell people I work at Hardware Designs, they respond by saying “pooh, they’re expensive”, or something like that. Realistically, that’s not the case. I would like to take this opportunity to clear this misunderstanding up.

Are we expensive? No. We discount every single product we sell – from a $5.00 cabinet knob by Hickory Hardware to a $10,000 custom Entry Door from Architectural Traditions. I will be honest and say that we have some very expensive things – some of our THG faucets have Lalique handles and are priced well above the $7000.00 range. Some of our products are expensive because of the sheer uniqueness to the design.

Devon & Devon is an Italian manufacturer that makes beautiful console tables, Bathtubs, and faucetry. You cannot buy these products anywhere else around here. THG, a faucet manufacturer from France, makes every faucet by hand and boasts a jewelry quality finish. Its something that you need to see- because its just plain gorgeous. Custom vanity units from The Furniture Guild can run in the tens of thousands – but this is custom stuff here folks.

            Other lines that we carry, such as Rohl faucets – boast some of the least expensive faucets that we sell. They give value to their product by having Polished Nickel the same price as Polished Chrome in their “Country Bath” series. Some other manufacturers have this as a 20 – 30% upgrade. Altmans faucets recently added two value series faucets – Magna and Vertika – that have designer looks at a builder price. Vanity lines such as Furniture Guild (previously mentioned for their custom line) are priced fantastically in their “Signature Series” collection – and it’s the same quality as the custom! Xylem and Lacava offer other stylish options at a value price for your bath cabinetry. Even Toto, one of the leading toilet manufacturers, has a $200.00 toilet, and a $4000.00 toilet.

            Just because we have expensive things doesn’t mean that we are expensive. In fact, you will find that most of our products are priced moderately. And with every purchase you make, our exemplary customer service and technical knowledge comes along with it. Combined, our sales and technical staff have over 300 years of experience in this industry.  

I encourage you to visit our showroom – we can take you around the world with our products, and I’m sure that we can find something that meets your style, and budget requirements.

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