The Second Home

For the past few weeks I have been meeting with a client who has gone into panic mode as summer is coming and her second home in the Hamptons is not ready to go. I had her come in and the first thing I did was to get her to relax and we would get thru this together. We reviewed the plans and settled on products from Jaclo and Rohl for the bathrooms as I know I could get these products quickly, in the kitchen she wanted stainless steel sinks which I will get from Blanco as they also will ship quickly. We looked over her bathroom plans and we designed the shower systems to meet her needs. We designed the showers to have thermostatic controls along with rain type showerheads from the ceilings, regular showerheads coming from the walls, and handheld showers for all of the bathrooms, all of these items I will also get from Jaclo. We also discussed for the master bath a steam shower sytstem which we chose from Steamist. The steam system we designed will allow my client to have the total spa experience as we are including an aromatherapy system, chromatherapy system, and an audio system which will allow her to incorporate a whole house music system into the unit or she may hook up her I-Pod to the unit. We then hit the kitchen, at this point she was breathing alot easier as she could see I would get her thru this process as I promised. In the kitchen besides the Blanco stainless steel sinks we also picked out Perrin & Rowe kitchen faucets, a Mountain instant hot & cold faucet along with an EWS water filtration system. In addition to the Ews system for the drinking water I also sold her a whole house filtration system with conditioning to deal with her hard water problem. Needless to say my client was relieved as she wants the house done by the 4th of July weekend. I was very surprised when she invited me out to the house once it is done.        

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