The Selection Process

On a recent weekday morning I met with a couple who were taking on the task of building a 21,000 square foot home in a very affluent area of northern New Jersey, the home  consisted of 9 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, butler pantry, maid’s quarters and various other rooms. When we first met they told me who the builder was and that he was not going to be involved in the selection process, this scared them as they had never built a home before and had no idea how to select bathroom hardware such as vanities, faucets, shower systems, toilets, and all other items that were needed. I assured them that we would get them through this process as I have been in this business for 17 years. I went over the plans they had with from the architect and showed them how we would go room to room so as not to forget anything they need, this really set them at ease as they had also decided they would not use an interior designer. I walked them through our showroom and we selected bathroom faucets from manufacturers such as THG, Rohl, Cifial Brass, Mico , and Phylrich, we then selected the tubs that were going to be used in the master suite where we used a freestanding air massage tub from Aquatic Industries, we then moved to the kids bathrooms which we decided we were going to use identical items. We decided to go this route in the kids baths as to avoid the fighting about why did he get that and why did she get that as we all know happens with the kids as they are always wanting what their brother or sister has. In the kids baths we selected Claw foot tubs from Barclay to give the baths the early 20thcentury feel using the freestanding tub fillers from Mico designs, we then picked out all of the toilets for the house from Toto which as far as I am concerned are the best toilets in the market today. We then took a deep breath and I suggested we stop for this meeting as I did not want them to get burnt out and start selecting things just to get this process over, they thought this was a great idea and we scheduled their next visit at which time we were going to work on the kitchen needs. At the next visit we again sat down and spoke about what they wanted in their kitchen, the selected stainless steel for the main sink and the prep sink we went with stainless steel sinks from Julien which are 16 gauge stainless sinks for the faucets we selected kitchen faucets from Dornbracht , we then selected garbage disposals for both sinks from Mountain plumbing products along with an instant hot and cold filter faucet from Mountain as well with a water filtration system from Environmental Water Systems.

After this meeting they were very relieved and thought the process was finished as we had spent approximately 16 hours with them to this point over numerous visits I almost did not want to tell them that we needed to now select all of the door hardware and cabinet hardware but we will save that for another day, but  I did tell them to go to my website www.hardware-designs.comand look at the door hardware section of my website and look at manufacturers such as Omnia , Baldwin , Classic Brass, and Cifial Brass for the door hardware needs at this point we called it a day and  am waiting to meet at our next appointment to finish the project, they seemed to be relieved that we were getting closer to the end of the selection process and getting them closer to being in their beautiful new home. 

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