The Stone Age Meets Your Kitchen Cabinets

I’ll admit I’m partial to a coordinated look in my decorating projects. I was deep into searching for new kitchen cabinet hardware, and had seen some beautiful offerings at Hardware Designs, in Fairfield, NJ, from Edgard Berebi, Providence, Mrs. H and several other companies, yet nothing seemed like exactly what I was looking for. Then, my salesperson at Hardware Designs – a truly amazing source for all types of hardware, not to mention, bath, kitchen, lighting, accessories and finely crafted interior and exterior doors – suggested we match the cabinet hardware to the countertops. I immediately liked the sound of this and must confess I didn’t even know this was a possibility. Long story short, we sent a sample of the countertop material to Art in Stone, and they custom created cabinet hardware, in a style I selected, which perfectly matched my counters. Is that a great idea or what? It’s what makes Hardware Designs such a trusted and valuable resource for me.Check them out on the web at: or for information, email to:

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