The Vacation Home

In these tough times, with the economy being what it is, it gets more and more

difficult to close sales. The hardest part is dealing with the internet. Therefore we have to

be even better at what we do to close the deal. Recently, I had the pleasure of dealing

with a couple building a vacation home in Arizona and they needed everything for

their bathrooms and kitchen including bathroom faucets, sinks, toilets, tubs, etc and the

various items for the kitchen such as stainless steel sink, kitchen faucet, instant hot, garbage disposal, and so on. The first meeting I had was with the husband only and he

expressed his concerns about me being able to coordinate everything and have it sent to

Arizona. I assured him that even though I am in New Jersey it is not that much of a hard-ship, as we ship merchandise anywhere. We looked at various faucet manufacturers such as Rohl, Dornbracht, Mico, Altmans, and THG as well as the toilets from Toto. After discussing the extent of the project he said to me that coming to HARDWARE DESIGNS

was the right decision and we scheduled a second appointment with his wife when she returns from Arizona.

At our second meeting we continued the process of making  selections.They selected items they had no intention of purchasing originally such as an air massage tub from Bain Ultra and a steam unit from Steamist. After we made all of the decisions for the home I mentioned that we also sell interior and exterior doors, and to my surprise they

are purchasing their custom entry door by Jeld-Wen from me as well. Now that we done with all of the selections they informed me that they had planned on doing  a lot of the purchasing on the internet but after spending so much time here at HARDWARE DESIGNS showroom they realized the benefit of dealing with a brick and mortar showroom, especially if there are any issues with the products. I assured them that we at HARDWARE DESIGNS will be there throughout the project and after if needed. If you want to see what HARDWARE DESIGNS has to offer check out the website at  if you have any questions you can contact us at    

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