I recently went to a clients home which is currently under construction in the Alpine area of New Jersey. The purpose of the visit was to walk my client thru the home and select the door hardware he needed for his home. Needless to say my client was overwhelmed as I showed him his options and gave him what I thought were the best options for the design of his home. At the same time I was there trying to keep his attention the contractor was pulling him away with questions and then the pool guy showed up and wanted to go over designs with him for the in-ground pool and hot tub area. I will tell you I wanted to scream so I don’t know how my client kept it together.

My client apologized to me and excused himself for a few minutes to speak to the pool man, I actually think he went for a walk to clear his head, that’s what I would have done.

When I had his full attention again we proceeded to go thru the house room by room and door by door to make sure he had everything he needed including which doors needed to lock which ones did not need to lock and so on. We ultimately chose a lever design by Omnia Industries which is manufactured in Italy and is of exceptional quality at a value price point. After spending about 2-1/2 hours doing this my client asked me if I wouldn’t mind going thru all of his bathrooms and helping him select all the bath accessories to match all of the faucets he purchased and advising him what pieces he needed such as towel bars and toilet paper holders, and so on. I must say this was a little more involved as the faucets chosen were from different manufacturers such as Rohl, Mico, THG, and Altmans. Needless to say after spending about 5 hours at the site I was absolutely exhausted as was my client, I was going to suggest we go have a drink but that would probably not be appropriate. After seeing first hand what clients go thru building a home I know I will stick with purchasing an existing home for myself.         

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