There’s More to a Towel Warmer than a Warm Towel

If you thought that a Towel Warmers only function is to provide you with a nice, warm towel when you jump out of the shower, you’re missing a key feature of these products.  What they also do is dry your towel, so if you want to use it again after your next bath or shower, it’s dry, fresh, and not smelling like a locker room or a mildewed basement!  Sure, a warm towel feels great, but dry is where it’s at!  And, some units are actually designed to heat your bathroom as well.  Runtal and Myson specialize in flat panel units that do just that along with the basic towel warming and drying functions.  You can even buy them with a built-in timer designed to save energy.  So, now that you have some added insight into the benefits of towel warmers, why not stop in and see the full range of these products at Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ.

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