I don’t know just how many of you reading this know what THG is and where it is made and why it is so expensive.  I made a purchase for my powder room today for a faucet that will ultimately wind up costing over $2000.00.  Yup,  I’m nuts.  Should never spend this kind of Do Re Me!  But, let’s put it this way.  Why not?!!  Kids are grown, mortgages are paid, and wine is an investment that I drink once and it is gone!  I walk into my powder room every day for obvious reasons.  I will enjoy the faucet I purchased every day, and my guests will admire it!  THG has some unusual faucetry and accessories. The piece is made outside of  Paris, by hand, and its quality is simply the best.  My design was a Jaime Drake Profil Lalique series model, and it is stunning, different, unusual, and  once again, simply stated, an indulgence!  Why not!! Hardware Designs has a good chunk of the THG line on display, and one of the only showrooms I could find that makes the investment to show you the “real deal,”  the stuff,  for nuts like me!  I found them online at  and emailed my request to and decided to pay them a visit.  It was worth it!  Check them out!!

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