To buy online or not to buy online—that is the question!!

Should one consider buying their plumbing fixtures online, or from a respected showroom?  This is not an easy question to answer.  Generationally speaking, the your generation, say 35 and under has grown up with the computer and has seen online business grow very steadily from virtually naught to billions of dollars today.  Faucetry online can be cheap, with free freight, but don’t look for any technical assistance, and if something is wrong with the product the return can be arduous and just plain annoying.  I am not one to knock online purchases, as our company offers online procurement, but there are limitations as to what should or should not be purchased on the internet.  Shower valves can be technical, and I seriously doubt that doing something complicated warrants the savings you might achieve online.  The same thing can be said from doors or front door hardware.  These items are expensive, and if you incorrectly specify the product, you  might be out of luck.  Today’s market is more competitive than ever before, and the difference between online merchants and showrooms might not be substantial at all.  Factories today are rapidly establishing “map” policies, (minimum advertised price) which limit the discount that the online companies can offer.  Selling beyond a certain discount might cause the vendor to loose his distributorship.  One thing is for sure though, online sales will continue to grow, but the consumer should be aware and ask themselves whether price is everything, or does service and technical ability have a practical value. 

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